Shahdad (Kaluts)

One day tour of Shahdad, Kerman, Iran including visit of Kaluts etc.
Start: around 9 from Kerman city
Finish: around 21 in Kerman city
Duratin: 1
Physical rating: 3 out of 5
Estimated distance: 300 KMs

One day tour of Kaluts is a single day adventure in Lut desert and Kaluts located in Shahdad, Kerman, Iran. In this tour you will see and experience a complex of natural and historical sites Shahdad region in Kerman. In this tour you will see Kaluts, Nebka park, Shafi abad castle, Shahdad cistern and more.

In one-day tour of Shahdad you will be hosted by an English speaking licensed local guide. He or She will pick you up at your location at the arranged time. The vehicle of the tour is a regular Sedan car for groups up to 4 people or Vans for larger groups. After welcoming the passengers, the guide will give you the details of the tour. The journey to Shahdad is almost 100kms and it takes almost 2 hours to arrive. You will pass through high mountains to get to the Lut desert. Sometimes there is a chance of playing snowballs on the way to the desert!

In Shahdad city you will visit the old cistern of Shahdad and some beautiful palm tree gardens. Shahdad has been host to civilization since thousands of years ago. Not to mention that the oldest flag in history is found in Shahdad! Your guide will tell you about the historical and architectural features.

Your next destination will be the desert regions to explore and the beautiful wonders of the Lut desert. Nebka park will be the next stop. A region with many hills with local trees grown on them and continues for kilometers. The castle of Shafi abad village would be available to see on the way. It’s one of the adobe structures once used by locals and caravans to be safe and to trade. The Kalouts of Shahdad will be the next site to see and wonder. The Martian environment of this desert has no equal in the world. You can let your spirit enjoy the quiet of the desert and gaze into the stunning glaze of the sunsets!

We will leave the desert after sunset and will head back towards Kerman. The journey will finish in Kerman in almost two hours later.

Please note that on this tour you could experience a considerable variation of temperatures and weather conditions. Please be prepared for it. Your guide will provide you with more details.

In this tour you will experience a variation of elevations from sea level and air pressure. Some people experience a little discomfort in ears.

Visits & experinces


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price list

Standard tour (2-4 people)
Services: Transfer by a sedan car, English speaking local driver guide, Lunch, Water & snacks and Insurance
80$ per car
Standard tour + 4WD touring (2-4 people)
Services: Transfer by a sedan car, English speaking local driver guide, 4WD touring in deeper regions of desert for at least 3 hours, Lunch, Water & snacks and Insurance
200$ in total

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