Mahan + Rayen + Shahdad

One day tour of Mahan, Rayen and Shahdad including visiting Kaloots, Shazdeh garden and adobe citadel of Rayen
Start: around 8 from Kerman city
Finish: around 21 in Kerman city
Duratin: 1
Physical rating: 3 out of 5
Estimated distance: 450 KMs

This is a triple experience of some of the best attractions of Kerman in a single day! In this tour you will experience a mix of historical and natural sites of Kerman. It is perfect for enthusiasts of nature and history who are in short of time and want to see a hand-picked collection of what Kerman has to present. In this tour you will be welcomed by your guide and driver on the location of your accommodation. First you will visit Rayen city and it’s beautiful adobe citadel which is known as the second adobe structure in the world! Traveling to Rayen takes 120km of road driving in almost an hour and half. After Rayen we will head back to Mahan city. It will be 90kms of road driving in about one hour. In Mhan you will visit Shahzdeh garden, one of the most beautiful Persian gardens also registered by UNESCO as a world heritage site. In Mahan you will also take a look at the mausoleum of Shah Nematollah vali with 600 years of history in religion and architecture. The lunch will be served in a retaurant in Mahan. Our next destination will be Shahdad and Lut desert. It’s takes one hour and have to get to Shahdad. On the road we will pass by Sirch mountains which is a cold and sometimes snowy right before descending to the Lut desert! In Shahdad we will have a look at endless horizons of the Lut desert and wonder the Kaloots region. After watching the sunset in Martian desert of Kerman, we will drive back to Kerman and the tour will be finished in Kerman city.

In this tour you will travel to 3 cities of Kerman province which means over 350km of road traveling with a high variety of landscapes. In the case of interest, this tour can happen in a different scenario. You could visit Mahan city first, then Rayen and then head to Shahda. In that case you have a chance to get to Shahdad from a different road and have a look at rainbow mountains of Golbaft and some highly elevated roads of the region with a landscape of plains around. This scenario will take some extra charge.

Visits & experinces


Necessary supplies

price list

Small group (1-4)
Sedan car
English speaking local driver guide
Water & snacks
150$ per car
Big group (5-25)
Van or Bus
English speaking local guide
Water & snacks
250$ per vehicle

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