Keshit valley

One day tour of Keshit region in Kerman
Start: around 8 from Kerman city
Finish: around 20 in Kerman city
Duratin: 1
Physical rating: 4 out of 5
Estimated distance: 350 KMs

One day tour of Keshit is a single day adventure in the beautiful region of Keshit on the edge of the Lut desert. It is offering a whole different looks of the Lut desert. In this tour you will visit Keshit region including Keshit valley, waterfall, river and the old fortress of Keshit. The valley nature and environment is in total contrast with outer dry lands as it has a water fall sourced from the heart of the ground forming a small lake on the very end of the valley. This regions also has been host to civilization since thousands of years ago and that why we are witnessing ruins and relics of the past. Your guide will explain the background of the region for you during the tour.

The Tour starts from anywhere in Kerman city where you are accommodated. You will have a road trip for almost 180 kilometers through high peaks and vast plains of the region. You can have plenty of photography opportunities on the road. The trip takes almost 3 hours to get to Keshit. You guide will lead to the valley to enjoy this amazing surprise in the heart of the desert. Exploring the region takes at least four hours ore more depending on the season. You have another 3 hours of road trip to get back to Kerman.

Visits & experinces


Necessary supplies

price list

Small group (1-4)
Sedan car
English speaking local driver guide
Water & snacks
150$ per car
Big group (5-25)
Van or Bus
English speaking local guide
Water & snacks
250$ per vehicle

In order to arrange tours for groups of 5 people or more, please contacts us.

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