Kerman city

One day walk in the historical heart of the city and more
Start: around 9 from Kerman city
Finish: around 20 in Kerman city
Duratin: One
Physical rating: 1 out of 5
Estimated distance: 35 KMs

This is a one day touring experience of Kerman city with a local guide and transfer service. You will be picked-up on your location and welcomed by your guide. In this tour you can take a walk in the historical heart of the Kerman city. The old bazaar of Kerman has been host to many historical events since 16th century. It is also host to many places worth to see to get a deeper look into historical and architectural values of Kerman like, Ganjalikhan bathhouse and caravanserai, beautiful Ibrahimkhan school, traditional wind catchers etc. Your guide will brief you about the history and architecture features of the old bazaar. You have a chance to try Kermani Faloudeh in the bazaar. Your tour also includes visiting The grand mosque of the city with 700 of history. You will also visiti Moayedi ice house and the National library of Kerman. The ice houses of Kerman were genius structures to hold ice for summer time and they were built at least 300 years ago. You guide will let you know about the way it has been done. Visiting Jabaliyeh dome will be the next visit. This dome has always been a big question mark ever since! Your visit also includes Fath abad garden, a beautiful garden outside of the city, best to be seen by the time of the afternoon. Your tour will be finished on your accommodation location.

Visits & experinces


Necessary supplies

price list

Small group (1-4)
Sedan car
English speaking local driver guide
Water & snacks
50$ per car
Big group (5-25)
Van or Bus
English speaking local guide
Water & snacks
100$ per vehicle

In order to arrange tours for groups of 5 people or more, please contacts us.

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